Texas Chiropractic Continuing Education

Texas Accepts ChiroCredit.com / OnlineCE.com Online Courses


Texas Continuing Education Requirements: 16 hours per year
Texas Accepts 10 hours of Online Continuing Education Courses (new as of 1/1/2016)
Texas Accepts 16 hours of TeleSeminar Continuing Education Courses

Special Notes: You can take the 6 hours you can not meet via online courses by way of TeleSeminars (live seminars by telephone conference call)


Please click here for a listing of online/teleseminar continuing education courses specifically approved for Texas Chiropractic Physicians.


Specific Requirements: The TBCE now requires the following four mandatory hours each renewal: 3 hours of Documentation/Ethics, and 1 hour Risk Management These will all need to be done live via our Teleseminars. ChiroCredit.com offer a four hour TeleSeminar on one Saturday each month to meet this requirement.


New Licensee Information: A licensee who is first licensed within the 12 months immediately preceding the annual renewal date is exempt from the continuing education requirement.

8 hours of Medicare Documentation required within a year of the initial licensing date. ChiroCredit.com offers Chiropractic Teleseminar Medicare Documentation 301 and 302 (4 hours each) periodically throughout the year. Please see our Teleseminar listing.


Reporting Requirements: CE Sponsor Reports to State Board within 30 days.  Please check with your licensing board for licensee reporting requirements.

State of Texas Continuing Education Requirements

Texas Continuing Education requirements posted on this page are based upon the most up to date information available. Texas continuing education requirements are subject to change and therefore, Texas Chiropractic licensee's are ultimately responsible for being up to date with the Texas continuing education requirements.

Continuing education courses offered on OnlineCE.com provide Online CEU for Texas Chiropractic Physicians (DC). The online courses enhance the knowledge bases of Doctor of Chiropractic to enhance their clinical therapy practice. Free 1 hour approved online home study CE credit course for new Texas Chiropractic Physician registered users at www.OnlineCE.com


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Course Topics Include (but are not limited to):

  • Accredited Training for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners Online Courses
  • Acupuncture Online Courses
  • Addictions Online Courses
  • AIDS and Infectious Disease Online Courses
  • Anatomy Dissections Online Courses
  • Animal Chiropractic Online Courses
  • Anti Aging Certificate Program Online Courses
  • Biomechanics/Orthopedics Online Courses
  • Boundary Training Online Courses
  • Business and Commerce Online Courses
  • California Xray Technology Course Online Courses
  • Chiropractic and Pregnancy Online Courses
  • Compliance Online Courses
  • Cultural Competency Online Courses
  • Diagnostic Imaging Online Courses
  • Diplomate Forensic Science Online Courses
  • Documentation Online Courses
  • Electrodiagnosis Online Courses
  • Emergency Procedures Online Courses
  • Endocrine System Online Courses
  • Egonomics Online Courses
  • Ethics for Professionals Online Courses
  • Evidenced Based Outcomes Online Courses
  • Forensic Science Online Courses
  • Gender and Sensitivity Online Courses
  • Geriatrics Online Courses
  • Guidelines for Manual Techniques Online Courses
  • HIPAA Training Online Courses
  • Homeopathy Online Courses
  • Impairment and Disability Rating Functional Capacity Exam Online Courses
  • Internal Diagnosis and Family Practice Online Courses
  • Management of Common Conditions Online Courses
  • Manipulation and Technique Online Courses
  • Medical Errors Online Courses
  • Neurology Online Courses
  • Neurology - Clinical Chiropractic Diplomate Online Courses
  • Nutrition Online Courses
  • Nutrition And Functional Medicine Online Courses
  • Orthopedics Online Courses
  • Pain Management Online Courses
  • Pediatrics Online Courses
  • Philosophy Online Courses
  • Physical Diagnosis Online Courses
  • Physical Therapy Online Courses
  • Rehabilitation Online Courses
  • Research Reviews Online Courses
  • Research Trends Online Courses
  • Rheumatology Online Courses
  • Risk Management/Malpractice Online Courses
  • Soft Tissue Conditions Online Courses
  • Spinal Decompression Online Courses
  • Sports Medicine Online Courses
  • State Rules and Laws Courses Online Courses
  • Stroke and Manipulation Online Courses
  • Wellness Online Courses