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Maryland Chiropractic Assistant Continuing Education Requirements: 10 hours per 2 years

Maryland Accepts 10 hours of Online Chiropractic Assistant Continuing Education Courses


The vast majority of online courses and teleseminars are pre-approved for Continuing Education in Maryland as is a Maryland Board of Chiropractic CEU Pre-Approved Provider (as of February 20, 2014)


NOTE: As long as your Maryland License is registered in your account, any course not approved in Maryland will be clearly delineated on the course selection screen PRIOR to purchase.


Initial Chiropractic Assistant Training:
.05 Chiropractic Applicant or Assistant Qualifications and Training.

A. A chiropractic assistant or applicant shall:

(1) Be 18 years old or older and of good moral character at the time of application;

(2) Have proof of satisfactory completion of high school or an equivalent education;

(3) Receive, within 1 year of application, minimum training consisting of:

(a) A minimum of 520 in-service training hours, with:
(i) The initial 40 hours consisting of observation procedures as listed in Regulation .09 of this chapter performed by the supervising chiropractor or registered chiropractic assistant; and
(ii) The remaining 480 hours consisting of direct supervision by a supervising chiropractor in the treatment area;

(b) 24 Board-approved hours in anatomy and terminology;

(c) 76 Board-approved classroom hours in physical therapy modalities, indications, and contraindications;

(d) 3 Board-approved hours in jurisprudence and risk management; and

(e) Certification by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at the provider level; and

(4) Successfully complete the Board-approved classroom program and in-service training and Board examination within 1 year of application unless waived on a case-by-case basis due to hardship or extenuating circumstances, as provided in §C of this regulation.


Special Notes: / Courses are sponsored by The University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and College, a CCE accredited college


State of Maryland Chiropractic Assistant Education and Continuing Education Requirements

Maryland Chiropractic Assistant Continuing Education requirements posted on this page are based upon the most up to date information available. Maryland Chiropractic Assistant continuing education requirements are subject to change and therefore, Maryland Chiropractic Assistant licensee's are ultimately responsible for being up to date with the Maryland Chiropractic Assistant continuing education requirements.


Continuing education courses offered on / provide Online CEU for Maryland Chiropractic Assistant. The online courses enhance the knowledge base of the Chiropractic Assistant. Free 1 hour approved online continuing education course for new Maryland Chiropractic Assistant who register with


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Course Topics Include (but are not limited to):

  • Chiropractic Assistant Acupuncture Online Courses
  • Chiropractic Assistant Anatomy Online Courses
  • Chiropractic Assistant Boundaries and Professional Conduct Online Courses
  • Chiropractic Assistant Chiropractic Principles Online Courses
  • Chiropractic Assistant Clinical Documentation Online Courses
  • Chiropractic Assistant Cultural Competency Online Courses
  • Chiropractic Assistant Emergency Procedures Online Courses
  • Chiropractic Assistant Management of Common Conditions Online Courses
  • Chiropractic Assistant Physical Therapy Online Courses
  • Chiropractic Assistant Ethics for Professionals Online Courses
  • Chiropractic Assistant Therapeutic Modalities Online Courses
  • Chiropractic Assistant X-ray Online Courses
  • Chiropractic Assistant Diagnostics Imaging Online Courses
  • Chiropractic Assistant Therapeutic Modalities Online Courses