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Physical Therapist

Rehab 165

Strength Training Concepts in Athletes


  • Describe the physiological adaptations within the muscle following strength exercises
  • Provide examples of the changes that occur with neural adaptations within muscle
  • List the major contributors to improving muscle strength
  • Explain the differences among strength, power, and endurance
  • Distinguish among how to train Type I, Type IIA, and Type IIB muscle fiber types
  • Identify the number of repetitions, sets, and amount of resistance necessary to increase muscle strength and hypertrophy
  • Describe the effects of aging on muscle
  • Describe the phases of periodization training
  • Describe the differences among eccentric, concentric, and isometric exercises
  • Provide examples of off-season, in-season, and maintenance programs for athletes

Rocco Labbadia, RPT

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