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Physical Therapist

Assistive Technology 125
Assistive Technology in Polytrauma Rehabilitation


  • Discuss the evaluation process for assistive technology and describe the Human Activity Assistive Technology model and list the 4 main components: human, activity, AT, and context
  • Describe the role and significance of funding in the evaluation and prescribing of AT devices and list 5 sources of funding
  • Describe 5 types of switches used to access AT devices and give an example of each type
  • Outline and describe 4 different areas of assistive technology and provide a specific example of a piece of AT that can be used within that area to enhance functional independence
  • List and describe electronic cognitive devices and discuss the significance of no-tech, low-tech and high-tech solutions
  • Describe the 2 categories of electronic aids to daily living and describe 3 examples used to control the environment
  • Describe the importance in re-evaluation and list 5 reasons for changes in AT usage
  • Discuss the future of technology including the role and significance of brain computer interfacing, virtual reality and assistive robotics

Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT

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