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Occupational Therapist

Therapeutic Modalities 204

Introduction to Thermal Agents, Hot and Cold Therapy


  • List 5 different modes of heat transfer
  • Define and differentiate conduction, convection, conversion, radiation, evaporation
  • Describe 3 effects of cold and 4 effects of heat
  • Indicate 4 clinical uses for heat and 4 uses for cold
  • List and describe 2 contraindications for heat and 2 contraindications for cold
  • Analyze 4 adverse effects of thermotherapy
  • Describe the application techniques of both hot and cold
  • Describe important components for documentation for thermal modalities
  • Read case studies to highlight clinical application
  • Discuss clinical reasoning for choosing between cryotherapy and thermotherapy

(Content from this course is included in the Therapeutic Modalities 101 course. Do not take this individual course if you plan or have taken TM 101)

Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT

Case Studies
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