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Geriatrics 222
Looming Disease Burden Associated with the Aging Process: Implications for Occupational Therapy


  • Introduce concepts that link public health and OT Discuss historic and current OT practice trends that emphasize these links
  • Relate relevant theoretical models applied to public health and OT practice and research
  • Describe the global aging and demographic population shifts currently under way
  • Compare and contrast trends in health and aging between developed and developing nations
  • Interpret predictions for the future of aging with special emphasis on the case of the United States
  • Define major disease and health issues affecting aging and lifespan in the United States
  • Define the context of aging, including the perspective of families and caregivers
  • Articulate the significance and implications of the trends and predictions regarding aging populations in the United States and other countries for OT practice, research, and service

Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT

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