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Chiropractic Doctor

Documentation 181 - 184

Hour 1
  • Recognize and apply E/M documentation requirements for medical decision making, to include levels of risk, problem points, and data points.
  • Calculate the appropriate levels of medical decision making based on complexity tables
  • Properly execute the appropriate documentation medical decision-making components necessary to meet E/M documentation requirements
  • Reproduce quality documentation elements necessary in new and established patient documentation
  • Compute, using appropriate algorithms, the levels of E/M coding based on documentatio
Hour 2
  • Differentiate and document for the difference between medical necessity and clinical appropriateness
  • Execute a complete and compliant treatment plan that includes all required elements
  • Properly record the elements necessary to justify the full-spine adjustment
  • Command the mechanics of properly documenting clinical rationale for ordered diagnostics and treatment
  • Ensure the inclusion of diagnostic assessment and doctor’s rationale in routine daily visit notes
Hour 3
  • Evaluate the necessary elements to properly document established patient re-evaluations of all types
  • Deliver appropriate evaluation and management services to justify continued care, assess progress, and discharge from this active care when the time is right
  • Report the necessary components of documenting the transitional diagnosis and treatment plan after a periodic re-evaluation
  • Complete the fundamentals of documenting the assessment of change since the last evaluation as it applies to federal regulations in Medicare
Hour 4
  • Recognize the mandatory enrollment guidelines for chiropractors and apply the rules to daily practice
  • Distinguish between active and maintenance care and employ proper procedure to administrate both types of care
  • Complete and document required elements of documentation of active treatment
  • Prepare patients to best differentiate care that Medicare considers medically necessary from care that the patient is expected to pay for
  • Apply the Medicare standard of financial transactions with patients in order to stay within the Federal collection guidelines


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