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Chiropractic Doctor

Accredited Training for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners 303

Hour 1:

  • Apply Respiratory guidance for drivers with respiratory disease
  • Conduct the respiratory and sleep apnea exam and evaluation
  • Determine which drives must be tested and treated for OSA
  • Assess Obstructive Sleep Apnea safety risk in drivers

Hour 2:

  • Assess the drivers neurological history
  • Determine neurological driving safety risk according to FMCSA guidance
  • Explain severity’s affect on driving status from cerebrovascular, head trauma and spinal cord injuries on driving status
  • Assess driver eligibility for a Federal Seizure disorder exemption.

Hour 3:

  • Appraise diabetes in drivers of commercial vehicles
  • Determine driving status and duration according to FMCSA guidance for drivers with diabetes
  • Evaluate risk to safe driving for drivers with other endocrine disorders and other diseases without specific FMCSA guidelines in drivers
  • Recall classifications of hypoglycemic medications and their impact on safe driving

Michael Megehee, DC

AudioVisual Course

$87.25 USD

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