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Chiropractic Assistant

Laser 206
Dealing with Americas Health Epidemic from a Neurological Point of View


  • Summarize optimal treatment parameters of low level lasers
  • Outline at least 3 major physiological effects that low level lasers have on the human body
  • Describe the 4 major pathophysiological changes in degeneration
  • Identify lab markers that can be used to assess the integrity of tight junction barriers
  • Give examples of nutrition and other factors that may damage barrier systems
  • Recognize how low level laser can directly and indirectly the body
  • Integrating basic neurology and low level laser applications to support normal adaptive physiology for common disorders
  • Discuss how low level laser can be used to affect physiological and biological effects in the body
  • Describe pain from peripheral and central mechanisms. 
  • Specify how to use low level lasers for chronic pain management for low back pain
  • Summarize base low level laser protocols

Trevor Berry, DC, DACNB

AudioVisual Course

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