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Athletic Trainer

Rehab 153-156

  • Describe medial tibial stress syndrome and differential diagnosis
  • List 5 featurs of gastrocnemius strains, achilles tendinopathy, ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis
  • Outline the mechanism of injury of midfoot sprains, navicular and metatarsal fractures
  • Describe and differentiate first ray injuries of the foot
  • Outline goals and treatment interventions for patients following TKA for pre op, acute, sub-acute, home care and outpatient phase of rehab
  • Become familiar with the surgical technique for TKA
  • List 5 factors to consider in discharge planning
  • Describe surgical considerations, outcomes and complications for TKA patients
  • Define torticollis and whiplash injury
  • Describe the grading system for whiplash-associated disorders
  • Define and differentiate cervical spondylosis, cervical osteoarthritis and cervical spine instability
  • Become familiar with spinal stenosis, cervical myelopathy, disc herniation and the signs of each condition
  • Describe and differentiate cervicogenic, migraine and tension type of headaches
  • Outline the steps involved in cervical spine assessment
  • Describe the process and treatment of the cervical spine
  • Discuss the etiology of low back pain
  • Describe and differentiate specific somatic pain generators
  • Become familiar with differential diagnosis and classification of low back pain subgroups
  • Review diagnostics of low back pain through case examples

Rocco Labbadia, RPT

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